kiara hosie

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Hi, I'm Kiara (she/her). I'm a classical musician, web developer, and educator located in Canada.

I'm an undergraduate BMus student at the University of Victoria majoring in music education with a minor in psychology. I'm interested in using technology to help make music classrooms more accessible for neurodivergent students.

The projects I'm currently working on are the Music Discoveries website and the untitled Digital Courtship app overhaul.

< Music Discoveries Website >

Music Discoveries website

The offical website of Music Discoveries, a bandcamp for middle school students hosted by the University of Victoria's Student Music Educators Association in collaboration with the UVic School of Music.

Launched September 2021.


< HighTechU Website >

HighTechU website

The offical website of HighTechU, an innovative technology learning community for high school students in British Columbia based in the University of Victoria's Department of Electrical Engineering.

Originally launched in October 2018. Currently maintained by the HighTechU team.

site | repo

< Digital Courtship >

Digital Courtship screenshot

Social media web app designed with community in mind. Digital Courtship makes it easier to come together in the digital age.

While originally concieved as a simple date generator, this project is currently under re-development / overhaul as a full social platform designed to facilitate easier ways to make plans with friends.

< cp Generator >

Javascript project placeholder

A Javascript-based Western counterpoint harmony generator. Intended to be used a homework checker and example generator.

Work currently suspended; not yet in a stable, useable form.